Low income, affordable, segregated housing project

Dear Neighbours,

We have heard from many of you that you are concerned about the low income, affordable, segregated housing project planned for the vacant lot on 33rd and 19th Avenue. The SVCA Board is also concerned that our community has not been consulted about this project. The Province through Calgary Housing is presently planning a project for this site. In order for the SVCA to represent your wishes with a unified and clear voice we are going to hold our own workshop to collect ideas and thoughts.

I for one, am very concerned about what happens on this site given the sites history, and Calgary Housing’s reputation for how poorly they operate projects. We do not want to speak on behalf of the membership without hearing what you have to say. Therefore we are going to have a Special Meeting where we will have a structured discussion about how this site can become a contributing part of our community. We do not want it to be a segregated development on the edge of our community and therefore we need to identify ways that we can make this project a success.  We need to create positive ideas and not just criticism.

It is disappointing that the Provincial Government did not feel it necessary to talk to us about this project. Clearly they do not think that this will impact us, or worse, believe what we have to say matters. The City, we understand, is preparing plans for the site and will be asking us for our input on things like the colour of the building. There is much more to this project than that! Many of you remember the impact this site had in the past with increased vehicle traffic, undesirable pedestrian traffic, and crime.

We are trying to put this Special Meeting and workshop together for late April or early May. If you would like to help organize this please contact me. If you want to be a part of the conversation watch for the date to be announced.


George Harris, President SVCA


The Southview Community Association Mission:

The Southview Community Association is committed to creating “Community” and enhancing quality of life by providing opportunities for socialization, recreation, and communication for residents and friends of the community.