We have big plans, and we need your help. Are you interested in one of the following volunteer opportunities? Email or call us (403-272-1407)

  • Rink Volunteers! Our rink is in place and ready to be used. Now we need some more volunteers to help flood and take care of the rink. To help out please contact our VP and Rink Lead, Jean.
  • Newsletter Lead/Editor – help us establish a new Southview newsletter! (5+ hours a month, more time required in the beginning of the role)
  • Volunteer Lead – Help us recruit, coordinate and reward our volunteers!
  • Social Committee Chair and Members – Organizing meetings with Committee members, on-boarding Social Committee volunteers, engaging volunteers, managing the Social Committee annual budget, leading some annual events, ensuring leads of other social events are on task, engage with SV Community to develop social strategy, work with board and volunteers on social strategy.
  • Communications Committee Chair – lead a growing team, we need help with internal and external communications (3-5 hours a month)
  • Communications Committee Member –  help with poster creation, Twitter, Facebook, Bold sign updates, newsletter processes, sign distribution, writing articles (monthly volunteer time required: approx 1-3 hours a month)
  • Programming Committee Member – Develop and roll out programming such as Yoga classes, Art, Book Clubs, Drama programs, cooking classes etc. to our residents and neighbors. Help us create a hub of community through our quality, affordable and fun programming.
  • Membership Committee Chair – We are looking for someone to chair the membership committee: Manages annual recruitment drive, Prepares the membership list and updates records, Recruits and supervises volunteercanvassers, Reviews and prepares policy and procedures with respect to membership, Recommends fee structure to the Board, Recommends strategies to increase membership.
  • Finance Committee Member – Help enter financial info into accounting system, prepping for audits and reporting, budgeting assistance (monthly volunteer time required: approx 2-4 hours a month)
  • Facilities Committee Member – Help us apply for Facility Enhnancment grants, prioritize factiliy work and renovations, contribute to annual maintenance and upkeep budget, work closely with Hall and Facility Manager.
  • Development & Traffic Committee Member – Review all incoming development permits, work with Councillor’s office on proposed developments, work on Area Redevelopment Plans and Business Revitalization work.
  • Community Photographer – Take pictures to be used in printed newsletter and digital publications, from scenery to events to commercial photography. No past experience needed. If you have current or historic pictures of our neighborhood – we would like to use them in our hall and online, please email them to us.
  • Jelly Bean Dance Coordinator – The coordinator will purchase food and snacks, arrange for a DJ, work with our Communications Committee to advertise the event, recruit and manage volunteers during the event. Put your stamp on this awesome community event! We need you.
  • Hall and Yard Maintenance Helpers – Do you have handy person skills? Painting skills? Project based, any assistance is greatly appreciated.
  • Board Members (now looking for board members for the 2017/2018 year, get in touch now to learn about future opportunities) (monthly volunteertime required: approx 2-8 hours a month)
  • Arts and Culture – Want to make Southview more awe-inspiring! We need our local artists! (monthly volunteer time required: approx 1-3 hours a month)
  • Seniors Liaison Volunteer – Southview has a large population of seniors that can be better connected and supported. If you enjoy building strong relationships, learning about the history of our community and serving our outstanding seniors this position is for you! (monthly volunteer time required: approx 1-3 hours a month)
  • 2017 Christmas Celebration Lead
  • 2017 Community Cleanup Lead
  • 2017/2018 Rink Leader – Lead a team of rink volunteersin 2017 and 2018


Advantages of volunteering with SVCA:

  • Great networking and job experience
  • Meet interesting and hardworking people in your neighborhood
  • Free courses available for all board members and volunteersthrough the Federation of Calgary Communities such as Board Governance, Facility Management, Communications, PR, Facilitation, Finances, and much more!